Immortals vs Longzhu Gaming | Day 5 Main Group Stage S7 LoL Worlds 2017 | IMT vs LZ G2

LZ vs IMT Day 5 lol worlds 2017 – Longzhu Gaming vs Immortals. Day 5 of Season 7 lol eSports World Championship 2017 in China.
LoL eSports S7 WORLDS 2017 – Immortals vs Longzhu Gaming Groups | League of Legends Worlds 2017 LZ vs IMT G2 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Sixth match of Stream 1 – Longzhu Gaming vs Immortals Round 2.
IMT vs LZ G2 full game in HD 1080p.

Immortals Line-up:
Flame – Top Cho’Gath
Xmithie – Jungle Sejuani
Pobelter – Mid Corki
Cody Sun – ADC Tristana
Olleh – Support Lulu

Longzhu Gaming Line-up:
Rascal – Top Shen
Cuzz – Jungle Jarvan IV
Bdd – Mid Taliyah
PraY – ADC Varus
Gorilla – Support Janna

Patch: 7.18 – Season 7 (Ornn disabled)
Game date: 12.10.2017 | 10/12/2017 | October 12th 2017
Game place: China, Wuhan Sports Center
Casters: Kobe, PastryTime and Vedius

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